For about 10 years, I have been wanting to create this event.

I have met so many incredibly interesting and talented individuals when on walks with my dog, Mookie.

I have had this desire to connect artists, business owners, and entrepreneurs in the community not only to connect with each other but also to promote and share their talents with the residents of the Glebe Annex.

With all the upcoming development in our neighbourhood and the unique opportunity in the consultation processes to provide feedback on what the community wants to see built – and be heard, it would be great to have discussions about what type of spaces we wish to see created for artists, business owners, and entrepreneurs so that we may have a collective voice to ask for collaborative space.

My vision for this community is to create an art and social entrepreneurship hub in a physical space and to bring art and events to our community.

This event is an opportunity to meet each other, get to know each other, share our interests and talents, engage in some socially fun activities, and to connect and to talk about what is possible to create together in the Glebe Annex in a celebratory, creative, collaborative, and festive atmosphere.

The discussion will not end at the block party but will be a beginning of what I hope will be the formation of interest groups, local events, and continued dialogue.


Heidi A. Thomson

Founder, creator, and marketer – Glebe Annex Block Party

Community Engagement, free local mini social events – Heidi A. Thomson Life Coach

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